Shall we work together to create the booth that everyone stops at?

If you are looking for quality and originality regarding your booth, then TARGET is the right choice for you. Do you already know exactly what you want, do you want to brainstorm with us or would you prefer to leave it completely up to our experts? From sleek designs to water basins or workshop spaces, nothing is too crazy for us. We are happy to work together with you and, of course, take your budget into account. Thanks to our many years of experience in booth construction, we know exactly what is needed to build an original, safe and sustainable booth that attracts attention and radiates quality.


First and foremost: sustainability

Sustainability is one of our top priorities. To reduce our waste, we purchase our materials sparingly and reuse them as much as possible. We also find it important to pay attention to the consumption of water and electricity and the emission of CO2. We do this, for example, by being very conscious of how we use water and electricity and by carefully choosing our methods of transport to the trade show locations. Building a better world together: our TARGET.


Nothing is impossible

Want to leave the design of your booth up to TARGET? No problem! From our many years of experience in building and designing exhibition booths, we have in-house designers who know exactly what is needed to create a stand according to your wishes. We are also happy to brainstorm with you to jointly create the booth that everyone stops at.


Reaching the top together

Stand systems
Want a booth with a professional look but on a smaller budget? Then stand systems are the solution for you. TARGET offers high-quality stand systems that are not only sustainable but are also very suitable for reuse. Our professional team is happy to work with you to find a solution that is perfect for you.

Wooden construction
Do you place high demands on creative design freedom and quality? Then choose a wooden construction. Our high-quality wood-built stands are specially designed and built by our own design department, carpenters and painters. As there is unlimited freedom of choice regarding shapes and colours, you can ensure the stand perfectly matches your house style and products. The result is a very professional appearance that is sure to draw attention. We gladly work with you to unleash creativity and find ways to make your brand stand out.


The finishing touch of your stand

Make your stand even more attractive by using the best visuals. Sound interesting? We have everything to make your stand even more special. From your company logo to full colour prints with the most beautiful photos, nothing is impossible! And because we have everything in-house, we can switch quickly between tasks and advise you on what best suits your needs. Contact us now to discuss the possibilities.

TARGET is an Accredited Sign Company, affiliated with SI’BON, the trade union for indoor and outdoor advertising in the Netherlands and Belgium.

PHASE 1 Design

Do you already have a detailed idea, do you want to brainstorm together or do you want our experts to take care of everything for you? We do what you ask of us and we can answer all of your questions.

PHASE 2 Assembly

Our experienced location team knows how to achieve the best result in a limited time frame. They have experience working efficiently under pressure. It is not a problem if you come up with an extra request or idea during the construction; we are happy to work with you to make it happen!

PHASE 3 Disassembly

In this phase we will discuss with you what needs to be done with your stand after it’s dismantled. Do you want to reuse it, partially reuse it or do you no longer need it? Let us know and we will work with you to find the most economical solutions.

PHASE 4 Feedback

In the final phase we will sit down with you to discuss your experience with us. What went well and what could have been better? Your feedback will help us serve you even better in the future.

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