TARGET Sustainability LabelExpo

Sustainable stand concept LabelExpo

This LabelExpo in Brussels we have been able to provide a booth for our client using fully sustainable material. We are very proud of the result and want to go for the majority of the stands that we build to do more and more in this way. For example, we lately already have been using more and more 'green' carpet in the stands we realize. We are happy to give you a bit of insight into the types of material that we have used to realize this specific project.

For this stand we used a floor made of profi floor tiles, which is a recycled material. The teak wood wall that has a prominent place in the stand is made from upcycled material. Thereby, the connections of all counters and displays are made with a special device which makes it possible to dismantle the counter very easily and to reuse its parts. The flower pots used in the stand are also made from 100% recycled material.

A nice detail is that all seats are made from PET bottles that have been removed from the canals of Amsterdam. For the lighting we decided to use only LED and the basis of the stand (walls and subfloor) is made up of parts that can be constantly reused without maintenance (circular stand construction). In addition, all the walls are covered with canvas so that no painting work was needed.

We are once again very proud of the result of the project and the creativity with which we have been able to work on this project in the field of sustainability. If you are also interested in a fully sustainable stand concept? Then contact us right away! We look forward to seeing what we can do for you.

TARGET Sustainability LabelExpo
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