On-site catering

Direct way to a clients heart: FOOD

Need a break?  TARGET Event Services knows how demanding large expositions can be.  If you would like to offer consumers EVEN MORE of a reason to stop by your space, we can arrange a number of old-fashion tactics that encourage that.  On-site catering can sound overly broad but it can be as simple as fresh coffee or small snacks to offer to ‘hot leads’.

LETS STAY GREEN is our approach.  No waste here.  No half-empty water bottles, or plastic spoons and forks.  We don’t like waste and stay committed to recycling.  We offer solutions that you can be proud of.

Are your ambitions even larger?  Let us design a green room to allow staff and performers a space to recharge and relax.  Tight lunch schedules can diminish crew moral and sap enthusiasm away.  Relieve all of the stress by giving your staff a place to rest.

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