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TARGET Event Services is able to provide well educated, professional looking, and passionate brand ambassadors to any company.  We obligate all of our applicants to apply for a role within an event or campaign with a video application.  WE DON’T take chances on email threads; we WANT TO FEEL the energy our staff is willing to bring every hour of every day.

We are fully aware that your brand might be recognized in more than just your home market.  Our ambassadors are capable of ‘keeping up’ where ever they need to go.  With full support for languages and an authentic, locally sourced staff, you’re sure to connect where ever your brand takes you.

Educating staff is at the heart of what we want to do for you.  We ensure that your message is heard consistently and proudly. TARGET Event Services has years of experience making sure our ambassadors feel READY to get out there and REPRESENT who you are.  We offer a dedicated channel to educate our staff about all you have to offer.

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