Data Capture

Control what is coming, Re-TARGET…

“Big data isn’t about bits, it’s about TALENT.”

           –Douglas Merrill

When the event is over, we ask ourselves: What happened? Were we successful? Did we accomplish our goals?

Data capture provides the answers to these critical questions.  TARGET Event Services provides deep data that allows you to refocus your resources at any moment.  See what’s working and know why.  Pinpoint what consumers are excited about and tap into that energy to drive more leads.  We offer activation data with a streamlined interface as to not disturb potential leads with a long questionnaire.  We interact with your company to make sure every piece of data you need is addressed and delivered anytime you need it.

We are able to provide a clean UX designed data capture hub that will engage the consumer and encourage them to participate.  We know people can be cautious of giving their personal data to any company, so we go the distance to protect all data with encryption while maintaining a fun and safe atmosphere that incentivizes the consumer to get familiar with your company.

But it isn’t only what looks good on paper! We want those invaluable face to face exchanges with consumers that bring out deeper feelings about your brand!  With our 1, 2 approach of data, and face to face interaction; we can get all of the details that propel your message to go further.

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